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On Easter, through the eyes of the "Bright and Morning Star," Funicula takes a step towards the Fifth Dimension.

The 1st 3 Ds are length, height, and depth. The 4th D is time. The 5th D is beyond space-time. It is the dimension of the Light Body.

Hurtak's Book of Knowledge names "the 5th Socket of the Pyramid." The 5th side is the base, but the 5th socket is beside the 4 sides. Funicula learns more about slivers. They poke in the 5th side of each pyramid, creating the 5th socket in each. "Rejoice, don't Regret." This is the entrance to the dodecahedron, the regular solid of 12 faces with 5 sides each.

April 10, 1980 Funicula senses levels of fineness coming into Earth in fives. April 11 Opening her crown chakra aperture, light comes in, drawing awareness to the heart. This is the way to internalize the "Architecture of the City of Light". Funicula will "chew" the new infomation with her breathing and "assimilate" it by flexing the light circles. Now is the time for dissolving barriers. She loses her discrimination between right and left brain. She experiences alchemical marriage.

In the 5th dimension, bodies, vehicles, and environments sometimes are the same thing. This "architecture" has to do with the next step in building the Light Body.

Funicula aims to take possession of the City of Light through Kriya breathing. In the 3rd stage of the 9th breathing, she goes beyind the "seens." "I am the architect, I am the builder. It is myself." Funicula ponders her tremendous immanent freedom to create.

On fire with these insights, Funicula feels the slivers from the octahedron piercing Wins. Wins is entering a paradise dodecahedrally. Funicula is definitely breaking through to a new age paradise.

The fifth socket of the pyramid is a mystery only partially reflected in 3D.

Light Body, pages 42-43

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