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April 4, 1980 Funicula sees Movey from outside. It's not "getting out." It's as if Funicula steps aside from all directions at once. Hollowed, she experiences the cruciform current crossings of the 3 M.E.T. bodies in Movey. The 4 are marked X on this diagram. She calls the Xs "the annihilation of the cube squares." She sees the Movey process in slow motion.

A Brain Cell stores light until it expands to a haptihedron, the overall model is called Movey. When the top and bottom octahedron of Movey contracts into a double pyramid in the center, it squishes down Invite (the 3rd M.E.T. boody) into "Wins", the flying saucer of light. Cosmic Juices are curved to and from the "fire-amid." At the 4 crosses (where the pyramids touch corners) Funicula emits her cry. Her desire for a Light Body reaches out 4 ways. It is the black thread of a new sound-substance. It is only limited by her desire. The 4 reach-outs are sparked by "Impulse" which transforms the desire for a Light Body into a Light Body. Impulse is magenta, dragony, black-tipped fire strands, travelling into the center, the source of the cry. They power the splintering of the octahedron as it collapses into the double pyramid. Since the pryamid has a lower altitude than the octahedron, material called "slivers" is left. This process is called the "Ptah Path." (See top and bottom circles in the drawing on page 41, to the right). During "Pearl-Making," layers of light have built up on the old Tetrahedral Light Muscle. During Splintering on the Ptah Path, the tiny slivers separate, swinging away, then rocking out.

Funicula begins to do her Easter Kriya breathing. The circle of 9 becomes the circles of 9. Each of 9 breathings, that get concentrically larger, has 4 stages:

  1. Breathe in left to the octahedron, pryamiding in center, crushing Invite into Wins, the flying saucer of Light.
  2. Breathe out right, extending the sound of the Still Light and desire for the Light Body at the 4 crosses, out as far as possible. Repeat in prayer, "I am in touch with Impulse."
  3. Breathe in right, allowing Impulse to flow in. Holding the breath in, with the pyramid, de-layer the slivers in the Ptah Path.
  4. On breath out, in I AM joy, the bottom pyramid flips up. The pyramids flip together in holy tantra. The slivers power the flying saucer. Wins ascends.

April 5, 1980 At Kriya stage 3, a yellow stuff emerges from the top of Funicula's head with the sensation of ascension. At Kriya stage 9, Funicula is friends with Christ. They hold hands. The best eyes in the world to look into, Christ's eyes are infinite concern and joy.

Light Body, pages 40-41

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