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Funicula's consciousness expands into the 5th dimension centering in Movey. The color levels have been hooked into another reality. Now she wants to know that reality from within Movey.

At the 8th Kriya, subtle pan pipes play against a horizontal factory-roaring sound. A giant symbol appears and zaps her, zaps furiously. She's in a room in the top of a mountain in Superperu. The pyre-amid is really like solar heating. Bright light of day outside is warming up the room. This may be the "place prepared" spoken of by Sister Thedra's guides. It's named EIE.

At Kriya 9 she sees bloody stairs--the anguish and pain of getting here. They turn white, now meaningless. She releases them. Down and away they go.

April 4, 1980 Funicula opens a Heartspace in her chest, like a jewel. This expansion is the 3rd stage of consciousness. This is EIE. April 6 Very gradually, Funicula sees the geometry of EIE as a brain cell based on 5ness. 5 cubes or ordinary brain cells fit a dodecahedron. 5 Moveys spun, become an EIE, which is an icosahedron and a dodecahedron combined. What a profound shape, made known here by R. Buckminster Fuller.

Funicula knows these structures of consciousness are organizing patterns that may be specialized in brain cells for information processing. But they may also be tiny (in blood, in each cell) and giant (in super-space.) As she further dwells in the vision of the heartspace of her Light Body, she hears, "Transcend. Transcend!" She works toward this goal.

April 14, 1980 Funicula defines the "core coils" of EIE. There are 6, each connecting 2 opposite faces of the 12-faced dodecahedron. Her Kriya breathing goes:

  1. Breathe into a coil.
  2. Breathe out to the Still Light at each end and center.
  3. Breathe in to Impulse coming in the coil.
  4. On breathe out, circulate the coil both ways.

Funicula has a vision of hoardes of artists above her. Tiers and chandeliers of bright spirits. They give assurance. The next day, Funicula expands EIE from womb size to galaxy size. Hurrah!

Light Body, pages 44-45

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