New Moon Swim

Galactic beam paths

Full Moon 2014-01-15

The full moon is at 10:53p.m. CST on January 15, 2014. EIEbing is one with the Galactic Beam at the center of the galaxy. Galactic Beam Being streams from the center of the galaxy to the sun. From the sun through and past the new moon to earth. Moon is raising energies to the galactic core.

Earlier today I had a feeling other awareness was here. In afternoon, started thinking that the GMM full moon of January, following the Outer solstice of December, was like the first full moon after the June solstice and so I may find Galaxy people coming. And they are, seemingly at cellular or small or microscopic level. Exchange going on. For every morsel here, one of mine goes there or somewhere. I'm being evolved. I'm being replaced.

sky map of Jan 15 2014 full moon

See the movie EIEbing at Galactic Center.

Note: CST is -6 Universal Time (UT).

Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event. Facebook Event. See Hello Galaxy.

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