Galaxy Color

The movie cycles through blends of color to indicate perceptions and visions coming to me during shift happening 2013 close to the Advance equinox. It is a preview of work in progress. The following excerpts from my weB Log or journal tell of my inspiration to action.

Insight into galactic being. Just like life on earth as we know it in my culture uses the chemicals and molecules it finds to form bodies and things, so does this next galactic step for me. Deer lichen my friend and teacher. Felt colors in each angle of growth and as I participated I realized a whole symphony of color more like jazz improv going on. There is solid complete like music but expressed for me somehow in unseen colors. Like physicists' dark matter, there is more color expression going on than anything in our material space. Just peeking in, giving a tiny color gesture, I guess it is possible that we don't do it because it is too hot, we'd burn our little brains out, toast our nerves, scare ourselves with the complexity, intensity, speed, multidimensionality of it. But to me, it is worth it, Walt Whitman, Mutate, you knew it. Of anyone, your words tell me you are there or were or will be or at least helped me believe and avail myself of it.

My main perception of colors is fragmented, lacy, moving in different directions with no overall structure of things or space. Probably active is the word most descriptive of it. Active, not fractal, fragments of color. Someplace on my walk I remembered how similar the shapes are to the galaxy people that streamed to me at Mt. Shasta and that I stored in Peru. I had revisited them in 2012 and I think put them into the movie. Must look. Here they are at Eastern Lake. I've never known why they came like that. Looking like that. But suddenly I see these are colors that are my elements to develop galactically. I don't know if I'm forming a body, making a painting, singing, dancing, writing a poem, joining a tribe, helping build a spaceship, creating a new species or on and on of possibilities of what it feels like. I do know that I am doing it.

Here is an original graphic from Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People, 1980 and a still from the movie.

Galaxy people outlines . Galaxy people, colored


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