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Imagine that the Galactic Beam follows blue lines in the image

Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event

Full moon mystic virtual retreat from 2013 December 17 at 3:29AM CST to 2014 January 15 at 10:53PM (22:53) CST. The time from, to, and between the full moons before the Outer solstice in December and after it in January is the completion of the reception of the Galactic Synchronization Beam. These full moons reflect us, the sun and the center of the galaxy. If we follow the moon phases during this time and tune into the energy we can fully participate. This participation takes the form of visionary meditation in daily format of your choice. The Eyebing has moved to center galaxy and transformed into EIEbing, so we have maximum triangulation. That is, we traversed the distance from within us to within Galactic Center, from expanded perception to galactic consciousness, and with moonbeam locations and numbers.

Mystsynthesis is like photosynthesis of the galactic beam by a mysticbiont. In short, a being who is a mystic (or who is thinking and acting mystically) is a unit of living matter in a symbiotic relationship with the galactic beam. We could call it galacticBeamSynthesis for this event in the evolution of consciousness.


Background leading up to event

Moon phases, daily

Event dates

Facebook icon Facebook Event. Note: CST is -6 Universal Time (UT).

See my weB log of the event starting here in weB log 2013. Read up. Continue reading up in weB log 2014.


These links only worked in 2013. Here for archival purposes.

See Galactic Beam Being and Hello Galaxy.

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