Great Spirit Path Stone Poem - Color Bell with Aura, Images

Here's a guide to the Great Spirit Path Y2K panorama.

In imagination, I gong the wheel with color and hear vibe afterimages of spirit. Centering attention is the primary target. Blue energy. Red love. Yellow action and awareness. Self.

The animation above the stones in the panorama is the Wholeo symbol. The circle of consciousness expands outwards and returns to the point.

stone circle over Wholeo button select Wholeo button Wholeo arise
button mouse over mouse down animation

Opening to all is the surround target; always beyond, behind. Afterimage ground. Turquoise green aura of earth, Gaia. Orange trace of presence, spirit animal. Orchid spirit connection. Whole. The animation beyond is an aura of the breath flame of spirit.

aura aura over aura select aura image
button mouse over mouse down animation

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