healEarth Perspective, Chris

These pages are devoted to prayer and meditation in our web. This is a perspective by Chris King. (king@math.auckland.ac.nz.)

Touching the Earth and Ourselves - The Vital Thread

It is now, of all times in history, time to pray for life and for the Earth, to replenish her living diversity, to refresh her verdant splendour and to link together with one heart and one mind, to preserve her from the destruction wrought by the ignorance of humankind, and to carry her forward into the great flowering which our love of nature can realize.

It is also time to meditate, to 'envision' and to become realized, for from this point on, we and Earth are one circle of protection, each held in the others hand, for Earth's future has fallen into our creative orbit - as blessed guardians of her evolutionary unfolding, or as ignorant and greedy exploiters, who rape her bounty and thereby diminish our own future into the 'bargain'.

For me, praying is an expression of collective consciousness. It is a way of merging in true love with one-another, with nature and with our cosmic source. I don't pray to God, but rather I abide in the source - the nameless, countless reality - sometimes called the 'indwelling' Shekhinah, the Nahualli or the Tao. I listen to the winds blow by, look into my visions and my dreams in the night and all the chance happenings of the day. All these aspects of the stream of consciousness are living prayer, as is true love for the 'beloved' and for life itself.

Shamans have used this abiding, often in a vision quest and frequently in association with power plants, to merge with nature throughout the human evolutionary span. The prophets prayed as an act of vision, dream and prescience. Buddha became 'enlightened'. Christ was likewise anointed and possessed, and Magdalen accompanied by seven familiars. Awareness is something deeper than biology itself, for it reaches down to the wave-particle level and even to the disincarnate source. Because quantum reality is non-local, none of us can anticipate scientifically how far the common thread of realization reaches into the physical continuum.

Many people have a deep sense of angst, feel physically vulnerable and fear death. This is the plight of incarnation. Once we understand that we are the eternal creative spirit, revisiting the world again and again in our myriad forms, the situation becomes clear and vital - the awaited Parousia - the 'second attention'. We are here to realize and to make whole - to 'unveil' history in a continuing 'apocalypse' - the creative source right at the 'grass roots'. We are living stardust moving on the face of the deep. We are the primal gypsy spirits of the universe, motivating and creating the reality which lies before us. The 'Elohim of the 'Godhead'.

Prayer, meditation dream and vision are ways of reaching into the well-spring of existence. They are also ways through which we can converge to a collective consciousness which not only realizes our situation, but also transforms it in unforseen ways. By merging together in prayer, vision and meditation, we each and all become transfigured by love and by the reality of awareness together. We also empower and become empowered. The effects are pervasive and unimaginable.

So let us all touch the Earth, and hold fast to her in love and togetherness. Let us reach out to meet oneanother in true love and togetherness also, for in the abundance of paradise, our homecoming is the song of fulfillment and the unfolding 'joie de vivre' the 'elan vital'.

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