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Accept gift of earth current joyfully at each step. Step, admit and conduct earth current completely. Acknowledge transforming the gift with great electric blue joy, sending your current back to earth. Complete the circuit. Say
"Re + ceive + send + bal+ance"
to mark off the 5 steps.


Feel the single joy feet rising in ultra blue. Colors of red seethe to yellow. I'm getting a bounciness from the runestones. Maybe of feet in walking. Bouncing bliss orange/blue, bouncing green, bouncing yellow. I just walked it now like dance steps. The joy is the Leo zing at my temple (forehead) and the runes are my steps of bare feet on earth. No matter that I'm wearing slippers, am four stories up in the air, not to speak of way out of the chakra body stack. I can do the barefoot earth runecolor walk now, whenever, whereever I am.

Feel color lightning at the forward step. Start is deep blue energy and bliss orange energy connecting with superconducting lightning, grounded with feet touching or overlapped. Next step is green zing. Then yellow to the far out seething zing from Svaeieia. Ah, can make this a circle with the inner upzoom joy of most blue charge.

Do this circle walk/dance and pull in other color nodes, connecting with barefoot walk on earth. Do it walking straight too. If start with feet together at superconducting edge, take these steps: green, yellow, joyblue, blue/orange. Then color steps are alternating with each round (set). When put the feet together, the last foot to arrive steps overlapping the previous. Then the overlapped foot is the first to step out.

Next I learn to accept gift of earth current joyfully at each step. Step, admit and conduct earth current completely, acknowledge receipt of the gift with great electric blue joy, that is really sending your current back to earth. Remember the ancient tradition of gift ettiquette. To acknowledge the consciousness inherent in each step is to not only participate in gifting, but it does really complete the circuit. If I just walk, non-conducting, there is no circuit.

This awareness connection started this morning when I was suddenly aware of my affection for the utensils and appliances in my kitchen. I felt like thanking them for making my life so pleasant. I felt like they were "people", that is were consciously aware, in same way that I am. We are a very intimate family and yet I never acknowledged them before. I treated them like dumb slaves, inanimate. Is the message that something does not have to animate to have consciousness? Maybe it just needs to be identifiable as an object, differentiated, divided out as a little lump of clay, formed. Any form has consciousness? Or does consciousness flow into us and can be directed by us outwards? Or is consciousness inherent in everything and just revealed by paying attention?

Spirits pay attention to us, so we awake. We can awake this latent consciousness in all that we meet, if it is not already awake and meeting ours. This does not apply to earth, Gaia. We are like the toasters in her kitchen. Provide some little functionality to the whole of earth. So let the gift current flow, strive for awareness by paying attention at each step and particularly at the two step stop. Then send gift of joyful blue energy, with whatever is on your mind along with it.

Specialize the steps so that green and yellow receive and blue joy gives. Stand is balancing between. Runesign pose. If do upsidedown P with arms straight up, and one knee bent, can point the bent knee leg toe to earth with sole resting on other leg. Then can let earth current flow in the down sole and gift joy flow down the toe back to earth. Give and take with earth current.

Can generalize this footwork to breathing. Alternate theMajor Event of Transformation (MET) generators, the black and white that spring out of nothing, for love, but not just to draw light. Pay attention to this process. Maybe this is the warm current in, the cool current out, and the growth harmony healing fluxers.

The dance reveals the color changes. Receive is the offset. Send is the tilt. And Balance is the forming into EIE rings. I could see color weather as receive is low pressure, send is high pressure, and balance as what? The mix of color consciousness of the wind? Whatever that might be. In weather is there ever balance? In fact, given the changing nature of everything, isn't balance an unattainable, only momentary illusion of relatively more unchanging than previous and next states? Think of balance not as trying to stop change. Think of balance as the creative act of evaluating or ascertaining the qualities and harmonizing them in each other's presence.

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