SoulScape of Caroling by Melva Blick

This spiritual artwork came to me from an acquaintance, Melva Blick, recommended by Catharine Nimmo, of Oceano, who was a Theosophist and a Chiropractor. Note that in the original, the bells are in metallic silver paint. Here is the text of two sheets that came with my soulscape. The name Caroling is hand-written, the rest is photocopy except for signature and date. Signed "Melva Blick 11/16/81".

To Caroling

I am the deliverer of messages. Your Soul-Scape has a message just for you. Today it will mean something to you quite different from what it will convey to you tomorrow. As you look at it, feel as well as see that message, then look again using all of your five senses. As you do this you will become very still within. Now keep looking at your Soul-Scape with eyes that see deeper than they ever saw before. This is your spiritual vision. Before you saw darkly, now you see in light much, much, more is being revealed to you now. This is very good. Drink in all the knowledge you can comfortably absorb, then forget it. You can never lose what you have just gained. When you again look at your Soul-Scape you will have different needs in your life to experience and your picture will have a quite different story to tell you to awaken you to a still higher potential than your last encounter with it. In this way you shall grow in awareness, in health, in contentment and in joy, however you must look at it with a relaxed mind, asking for its message and expecting to receive it.

As you would pick fruit from a tree so shall you pick ideas from your Soul-Scape.

Your friend, Melva Blick 11/16/81 Morro Bay, California

Dear friend; Caroling

In presenting this soulscape to you, it is hoped that you will not look upon it as a picture or a blueprint; nor yet as a diagram. May I suggest that it be not measured by any of the measurements or the yardsticks of the three dimensional world, nor by the gauges of the concrete five sense mind levels, for in so doing, its import will almost certainly escape you.

This is not a production of an artist's work, it is much more than that and difficult to state in words just what this is, so I shall not try to do so. It would simply be doing what I asked you not to do, if I were to attempt to tell you what this is in terms of ordinary mind levels. Frankly, there is no claim made by me of its being anything, yet if you will take and place this, where in your quiet moments; may I say almost unstudied moments, the eyes will drift across it, your soul will be receptive to whatever may come to its senses, and the import will be come clear to your mind. You may find, and it is my hope that you shall find, that this graph will become quietly articulate to your inner senses. You will find a world of meaning opening up from within its inner self though not audible in words. This is no product of the outer mind's working. It is a well-known fact to you, I feel sure, that upon certain levels your soul is one with all souls therefore it has been possible to create this graph. When we become quietly attuned, so that our instruments of awareness, in this objective world, can and do register what the inner world is ever ready to portray to our understanding; that inner world can and does portray that which is important to its instruments for comprehension. The world of instrumentality of all kinds and levels is but the objective, symbol and tool, or instrument of that real world consciousness whereby it manifests its activity to the outer senses - the objective senses. When the attention drifts across this symbol and asks, as a child may ask, the meanings that lie behind it - the meanings which prompted its production -the meanings which lie in the life being lived as yourself; those meanings will portray themselves to you in terms of your own understanding and not as a repetition of what others may have said, not as anyone else's concept regarding you. Life ever holds doorways open to us, and will gladly open those doorways for the instrumentality-person-ality-self when that self is attuned to life, and your experience in this instance will be no exception.

It is therefore the hope and prayer of this one aspect of life, that you will find back of these doorways; and of this doorway in particular, symbolized as this graph, that world of meanings which to you are significant, purposeful and particular, as your relationship within, and to the All Being.

If, as we have been taught and some have found, all life is One and that great All Life is all; it will therefore follow that the all-soul encompasses each individual unit of activity within that greater All. This doorway, when you pass thorough, will place you as a soul upon familiar ground and will enable and assist you, for the time being, while living within that All to feel totally at home and natural there, beyond the Worlds and the limiting boundaries of the three-dimensional personality self.

Bless you and lead you,

Melva Blick

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