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This is a highly abstract and symbolic task. Memory beads are not pictorial, they are more alpha-numeric, with bar codes, so you are groping intuitively, with few clues. Also, forming a summary from the brief hints is highly creative. The process is meant to enable spiritual guidance through action, intuition, and faith. It minimizes intellectual or conscious choices, while building bridges from your human issues to the depths of all as recorded. Or being recorded.

The rest of this information is a repeat of the introduction, for reference. You can clear your mind to let your totality reflect in your focus of consciousness. Be still and know. If there is a particular focus, record it. The idea of this process is a spiritual method of access to the Akashic Record, the record of all that is, has been, or will be. The Akasha is the invisible light, the basis of all. The record tracks its being. You use two sets of memory beads to engage the record: human and evolutionary being, the Elobeing. These beads are not your personal beads, but the kinds of beads that are part of your setup. The first 44 of each set are formed before birth, the second set are formed during birth. From then on, your beads are personal. We could call these beads the archtype beads. However, you personalize them on your trip and they can act as your guides to the Akashic Record.

About spiritual access: you need to transcend your normal thoughtfulness to a state of awareness. Don't drop your mental processes but give them to your openness to wholeness. This is a creative synergizing of all you are, all you can be, and the wholeness you seek. Intuition leads your choices as you step into the akasha, choose beads, like bar coded drops of dew to magnify the meaning in your mind. You can then write a summary or do art, or express the result as you please. You could record the numbers of your choices, in case you would like to retrace your steps. Happy trails!

Example 3

example 3The human bead picks are: The evolutionary bead picks are: The Easter Egg pick is #24, moired eye of universal mind.
Summary: Fast expansion coils to the point of all which reveals moire patterns at the point of incarnation at the eye of universal mind.

See also example 1 and example 2

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