To choose fourth bead, steps

  1. Wait for 44 small graphics to download. If you didn't open the ground layout window for the first bead, do it now, and move it away from this one. Then come back to this window.
  2. Put the small window over the "Ground" window on "fourth, evolutionary". Then click to activate this window.
  3. To choose the fourth memory bead, click a graphic, or a related text description following. The graphic should appear in the bead window you opened (fourth).
  4. If you like, record the number you picked. Then go back to the guide page.

45. rejoice be joyfully in sense of original joy at the base and core of being

46. act bliss as evolutionary action agent, to do bliss (it's catching) as atmosphere

47. hieloheal energy as expressed in hieloheal is channeling sort of thing, not lung action

48. reveal opening to the in, focus, funnel

49. evolve evolutionary chakra as driving force in movement, change, to us expressed as flying

50. deform Concentric chakra shell deforming

51. inform spinal glow informing Elobeing inging

52. bind binding force of unconditional love as an action that has no opposite, no relativity, is a precondition of allowing freedom lovingly

53. enlighten light of the active agent, such as a priest that is devoted to and helps manifest light

54. pre-exist Not only within, but pre-existing, or virtual or proto in, like the first triangle of the tetrahedron, without the fourth vertice.

55. bloom following the path with heart, decisive, driven, intense sense of relative beingness, not to be or not to be, but how much and such.

56. initiate evolutionary wind is initiation into greater wonders

57. assert separation is not traumatic but one of the abilities of being

58. Akasha awareness of the Akashic record relationship, not egocentric investment in "I" but interaction

59. honor whole holographic recognition of wholeness as true at any one time but unknowable in any absolute sense

60 . order in chaos coordination with tolerance for chaos

61. DNA act out evolutionary codes flexibly

62. surmount breakthrough triumphantly

63. expand within rasining and the contraction that is so basic that it is experienced as expansion

64. joy structures perpetuate the joy

65. ESP anticipate instructions

66. point between embody noint joint in aura

67. hallow continuity through change, non-violence

68. multipresent multiple manifestation choices are part of the Elobeing

69. interact not only pay but gather and reap attention, is not just outward-looking, but inward-looking and outwardly available

70. transmit paying in sense of having the ability without deprivation, can spin straw or whatever else is needed from gold because have great inherent value which is inexhaustible

71. uplift inherent need to energize attention spiritually

72. be color living being quality of color, the color source quality of CLB

73. unify field reminds me of acting "with a wing and a prayer", gets to unified field possibility and the shaman's crack between worlds.

74. unknow greet the unknown, acknowledging the single source between what is separated for perception or action or what merely seems separated. Projecting greetableness.

75. create This has a sexy quality, not as sensation, but in sense of being able to reproduce without individual evolution but through the transfer of love as really great communication.

76. extra angle spine of extra-dimensional being also has folds.

77. torque tip, twist, rock and roll. There are qualities to the spiral that rock.

78. continuity Mobius strip qualities to the spiral that roll.

79. discontinuity measure in a space that is not only curved, but raisined. Our concept of a curve is just slightly different than a line. Is really quite linear.

80. exclaim color as choice of emphasis

81. spirit color essence

82. colorize "physical" reproduction by color (continue species type)

83. guidance Send guidance by color

84. ACK Something about time and process and afterimage as a way of understanding this bead for Elobeing, is kind of like ACK command in a program, a signal of acknowledgement in the same language, a signal saying a signal has been received. However this implies value in the acknowlegement. This might be a kind of money.

85. channel Be open to guidance and let NRG flow through.

86. responsibility

87. omnispeed external speed is no separation

88. holyO wholeness of wholeo in actuality HolyO

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