Pelorus Bridge - Lookout 2000 South

markerThis page is about awareness for Lookout 2000 in an ancient forest in New Zealand. The lookout point is at a Trig K marker at a viewpoint on a trek through the woods. It is in South Island, at the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve (also known as Pelorus Junction). The picture shows the kind of marker found all over New Zealand. From the Trig K marker lookout, you can see up Maungatapu Road. Maungatapu is a frequently-used Maori place name. It signifies a mountain of intense sacredness, even taboo. The peak is a junction of rivers, roads, vegetation, and time.

When I was there in 1996, I became aware of a ghost. The story is here to celebrate Lookout 2000 and follow the guidance.

For background and orientation, previously I found external web pages about a hiking trip on the Pelorus track leading to the bridge, with a typical picture. Here is a topo map with information. Pelorus Bridge is between Havelock and Nelson in the 027 area, at the right angle where the road crosses the river. Several bicycle tours mention the Pelorus Bridge in passing. On the web, I can't locate any references to the deep significance I found there.

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