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This page is about channeling and guidance on a 1996 trip to New Zealand. In South Island, while staying at the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve, I became aware of a ghost. This is what I wrote in my journal, with minor editing. It needs work to relate to the web site, Wholeo Online. But in 1997, publication is a year overdue.

I'm beginning to think there might be a much more human ghost problem related to this site. Might have had to do with closing down the schoolhouse. Don't mention exorcism. This ghost wants to be heard.

I promise to go to the educational feature of the DOC exhibit in the tearooms. Yes, the tearoom's emphasis is on cosy carbos, ignoring the purpose of being here. So people come here with genuine good intentions of opening up to the value here and within themselves. But they opt for the known satisfaction and commercial process and miss the point. Thus the inner frustrations, missed targets, and repressed needs build up and add to ghost's problems.

I believe people are dumping on this ghost. My impression of the education exhibit (in the tearoom) was that it didn't appeal to the primitive need to reconnect with the ancient forest. It talks of gold rush and history that for a large part, we're slightly ashamed of and don't want to focus on during our pilgrimage. So what can I recommend be done? What did ghost want to do? Wasn't it sort of like what is available and happening here. Why can't ghost continue in the role? It is the only role that people seem to be able to handle.

I promise to put Edgar J. Lee in my story and give him his due. I'll make a Web page for him and he'll be well-loved. I'll do a drawing of the schoolhouse and tell people it's true use and to use it.


Start of Edgar's guidance

Flax should be planted and gardened under supervision of Maori person. Classes in flax preparation, use, and design should be provided. Perhaps a Marae way of introducing these teachings to the tearoom goers. Another wing, leading to a craft room. Build in style used by Maori. Can have a 30-minute class where someone just finishes a rough bone carving, or creates a neckace for one. Design and creation of fabric cloaks in the feather style, can present bird poem, meaning of feathers in cloaks and write own poem. Language, kite making and flying, psychology of eating each other, boating and boat making.

This can be like a marine biology lab at the ocean that is connected with a larger institution designed to cover the academic aspects. It is important to have human things going on here and paheka (white settlers) aren't to just obliterate what went on here for over a thousand years. Let's preserve this heritage. Not just for local school kids, but for adults, including foreigners. As is, is just woods. Most people want to experience their human qualities and to grow culturally and get new skills. This we can do.

And not just as exhibits. But make kits for all activities so people can send those. Some kits on Web pages. People can buy them.

Or people can sign up for a 2 hour, day, 2 day, 3 day, week, weekend, apprenticeship, member, sponsor, creative committee member and so on. Has to be set up like a business, non-profit (does NZ have it), under direction of DOC. Also there's a whole forestry branch, studying what's there, this can be simple guided tour. Actually all these functions can be provided on the Web. So people can do it or not, or armchair do it. Have cameras at lookout with 360 always viewable in 3D. The forestry is ecology, maintenance, education of neighboring farmers. Like why not use flax (or some native bush) instead of broom or pampas grass for wind breaks. These studies of what works and what happens can be subject for MA and PhD theses. I can mock this all up on Edgar's Web pages.

So how does it sound Edgar? I've left out the sand fleas. Were they here then, when Maori village thriving? How did they handle them? The first part of every Web page probably starts with questions. Then some have answers. Why aren't there fleas for me? Actually there are some small black things here, but I have so little skin exposed and its covered with deet from the military.

And maybe social relationship training, like Maori EST or group encounter, to learn the mindset. And then there will be evolution and future dreams. Like what we'd like to see happen again. Is the damage to the bush reversible at all? Do we want to reverse it?

Edgar? What else? It is 12. I'm freezing. What else to do for 2 hours? Maybe head back to the school and see if any more guidance up there. Main thing currently is that everything happens at the intersection of paheka damage and the surviving. Try to expand or at least make the reserve sustainable. And at the borders be creative.

I got too cold sitting down in the camping area. Thought that going up to the schoolhouse would serve two purposes: one keep me warm and start recharging my computer. Two, get more guidance. So I came up here but am more than a little scared. Scared that the DOC people will be angry with me coming in here without paying. But more, this place rattles like crazy. It sounds exactly like ghost tapping in horror movies. Not the best setting. Well, maybe it is exactly what we need. But I don't speak tapping, don't know what it means, except presence. Yes, wind is blowing from the north. There are also squeaks, bangs, other rattles. Like I expect to see someone soon. Like opening doors to toilets. There is a false ceiling here with a trap door and an old hole in the middle for a stovepipe.

With very little extra work this place could be quite nice. The surrounding cement and porch is quite clean. I don't know when it would be useful with this weather though. But it could start as a short camp, maybe weekend, for planning and gathering Web input for non-webbers. I wonder if I wrote this like ongoing reality if it would actually create the reality. What else? What have I missed. 12:30. Really would not have to leave until 1:30. But I don't know if I can stand it that long.

Ah, Edgar personally. What would help his ghost move on? I get that he drowned in the Pelorus river. That is Te Hoiere. That's a violent death that has its karma too. Actually, I think I'm afraid of the still living folk that are connected to this karma. Got to leave. I got out of there quickly. While walking along, I got that there was a family dispute. Some family member or members wanted to make a profit from the property, disagreeing strongly with the moral, ethical, and idealistic views of Edgar. He was more or less disposed of, which could never be proved. And doesn't really matter. The important part of it is that that kind of battle tends to result in ghosts, violently unfinished business, revenge, anger and so on; plus the fact that the bottom line is more important than the things Edgar believed was important, that is more important to most people who usually see the short term interests. So it is still an uphill battle.

Another problem is the ghost in the building. It would have to be repaired, if possible to eliminate ghost-manipulatable features such as loose wires, and windows, wind traps and so on. Make it sound proof anyway. If we got the message, Edgar's ghost should be ready to move on. Has indicated that definitely won't move on until the Web pages are up on the Web, so the story is there, told, available for whoever wants to read them to read them. He might consider staying on as a consultant and hall of horrors thrill provider for halloween. However, he'll then be free to leave and might decide to do so. Must structure project to take all his valuable input now, but become totally independent of him in less than a year. A shot? O great! I can hear the highway, which is also part of the problem. How can a scenic reserve keep its character if the roar of traffic continues?

{End of Edgar's guidance. In 1997, I received a small addition. }


Note about sounds and communication with the great trees near the totara. I put them in contact with the Bristlecone trees in the ancient forest in California's White Mountains, the trees by the radio tower. The message is that the bristlecones are overcoming 4000 years of no radio waves and now have to adjust to them. Here it is traffic, vehicles. So if these plants can adjust, they'll be as great as the bristlecones. Also they enjoy the comeraderie. Already I've forgotten the details. But they can be great friends and always stay in touch from now on.

People will come. It will work. I'll call it the Edgar Lee Foundation. This is what he wanted. The curse of blight on the family perhaps will be aleviated by ameliorating its source, although bad habits are formed and won't be easily changed. But like Pirsig says in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, as I remember, "Things can get better now, you can sort of tell about these things."

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