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Earthball emerging from earth (in New Year's Eve vision movie)

Earth Flowers Underground

For what I see above ground and related visions, see Earthballs, Earthstars and puffballs. Here is what I sensed on Oct. 25, 2010 on a forest path, what I learned the next day on facebook, and Oct. 27 understanding. When I say sensed, I mean that I became aware and gripped by a consciousness that previously had been guiding me but remained largely unconscious. When I say learned, I mean that coincidently a friend posted information validating the basis of my sensing and greatly expanding my knowledge. Or rather certainly I must learn more.


Here's what I wrote in my journal after returning from the forest walk:

Coming along seems that deer lichen definitely excited by fungi arising from earth. Tuned in. Feel on same wavelength. Thought of instructions.

  1. Get to know deer lichen. Appreciate it. Be with it.
  2. Try to tune into vibes. That is, get the frequency.
  3. It is like being a radio tuner. Listen up.
  4. Translate the information modifying the frequency into your understanding, comprehension, or even conscious ideas.
  5. If you are vision-enabled it can be like 3D TV two-way communication.

I was a-mused by the phrase "vision-enabled" meaning that you are infiltrated by visions or allow your imagination to envision or you are a visionary. By a-mused, I meant that the pleasure of amusement can be from inspiration, or caused by a muse. My inner zen meditator is above (beyond? without?) visions but gets along with my inner ecstatic naturalist who nurtures visions.

My thought about the deer lichen was awareness of what happens with the fungi underground. I could sense it through my connection with deer lichen. And probably can develop that awareness directly.


The next day Susan Horn posts a link on facebook entitled "Can Mushrooms Rescue the Gulf" to an article about Paul Stamets. It links my interests in fungi and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, so I click it. I learn about mycelium, the underground structure of fungi. Mushrooms eat oil! Here are the quotes I copied to my journal:

"In fact, polishing the public image of fungus may be more important for Stamets than any decision to bring mushrooms to the Gulf spill. This is because he sees human partnership with fungi as essential to the broader project of creating a sustainable society."

Human partnership with fungi! That's my new year 2010 vision.

"He talks a lot about the mycelium, the underground network of hairlike cells that constitute the main bodies of mushroom-forming fungi (the mushrooms themselves are merely the reproductive organs). The mycelium is a little-known but fascinating form of life that colonizes the soil and partners with trees and other plants growing nearby. It gathers information about water, nutrients, and pests, and then takes a surprising range of actions. It can move water and nutrients from many meters away to moisten a rotting log or nurture a growing tree. It can remove toxins from water or zap dangerous bacteria that threaten a partner plant. Most trees cannot reach maturity without its assistance.

"And, of course, the mycelium eats. Stamets calls fungi the 'interface organisms between life and death' because they specialize in breaking indigestible substances down into smaller particles that other living things can use as nutrients. It is this ability to digest complex organic compounds that makes fungi so promising for cleaning up oil."


Today I'm coming back around to sensing as the honorable precursor to intellectual development. Reproductive organs of plants are flowers, right? When I saw my first earthball, before I had ever heard of earthballs, I thought of it as an earth flower (wrote of it in my journal in early 2009). I find it in filenames (such as earthflower.html). Immediately I sensed what it was in essence. But when I learned the name earthball, I used it; I discarded my intuitive handle and thus pushed the info underground in my mind.

Lichens are beyond their fungi part in their photosynthesizing partnership with alga. Perhaps they also help us with the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from oil and dispersants invisible in our air.

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