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Cassine 2010 - earthball and more

North of the Eastern Lake Nursery on Scenic Highway 30A, deer lichen lines the path where the forest opens slightly. On October 25, 2010 I found none of the things seen on Oct. 15. But I did find an earthball tucked at the edge, underneath vegetation. It was different from others I've seen, having a tough crackled-looking skin. It looked like it was on its side and split all the way across to reveal the spores within. I pushed the flexible, rubbery exterior and felt the fungus move, yet it stayed attached to the ground. Coordinates: 30°18' 44.7" N, 86°06' 4.6" W.

Here's what happened mentally, a major insight.

On November 2 and Nov. 9, I could not see this earthball. On Nov. 13 and Nov. 20 I noticed that it was still there and somewhat aged. On Nov. 13 at the end of my walk I almost ran into the scat shown below. The ruler is 15 centimeters long. I believe it was a bear, because of the size.

scat scatmandala mandala

Nov. 13, continued, at coordinates: 30°18' 51.3" N, 86°06' 8.9" W I found a mushroom which I called a mandala or aura.

On Nov. 27 I found a beautiful earthstar framed in lichens.

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