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Acts of the imagination are devoted to being all that you can be and bringing that to whatever you can imagine. This one helps you design and celebrate a rite of passage. It can be for a death or a meditation or an out-of-body experience.

Plans are to make this page increasingly interactive and full of options. Now there is a description of a single choice. It is a start.



To help the transition of Ozor's spirit leaving his body after death. See Our task for details.


Ozor's relatives scattered around the world.

Ritual space

We chooze to bring Ozor's body to a cave in the earth. It seems natural, but it was created by our ancestors. We have lost touch with their ways but are hoping to remember the best of the ancient and create our own new ways in the dreamtime. Since it is a virtual celebration, our images of the cave can be anywhere.

Cave with blue heart, showeredCave image with blue heart, showered. The background is from a photo of a waterfall with rainbow over rocks. Now in a rite for transition of spirit from the body, irradiates the rock of a cave. A blue heart is within.

Cave Altar

Cave appears in New Zealand. NZ cave settingMedium size (40K) or large size (80K) graphic.

Our task

Five years ago Ozor died. We have celebrated his passage in many ways, being free in mind. However, there is something we need to do then that we just learned of now.

We are going back to that time to perform a rite of passage for the transition of Ozor's spirit from his body. Being free in time opens freedom of space. So we can consecrate his body in the cave made by our ancestors. We do not know their mindset, their methods, or their time. But we wish to know. We are open to guidance.

That is, on the relative date five years ago, Ozor's body had been in the mortuary overnight, rest in peace. It was time to virtually move Ozor's body to the cave of his choice.

The event organizer has been sitting in virtual vigil, sealing the cave from the inappropriate and opening the cave to the helpful. She continues to be there until three days after death or until she feels the transition (of spirit from body) take place.

The others come for the ceremony of the third day after death. Their purpose is to calm, define, and flux the transition. They know what to do when the time comes, at the right time. It could actually be something that has already been done or will be done later, given freedom in time. Also, they follow guidance.

It is important to acknowledge any spirit guides or discarnates if they come into vision.

Celebration objects

Orchid flower altar.


September 27, 1997 at noon PST is the focus time. However , it might be ongoing until the date of cremation or beyond. Whatever feels right.


One person wrote:

Pale, fuscia ultraviolet, glowing all over, like scorpion, skeleton, ic chip, structure needing to form anew. Not sure of scale, if is molecular, inner organ, mental or what. Interesting fast-changing images.

The cave shape is very helpful. Purple, deep blue colors lining the roof and sides are helping. I see another person in the ritual as if on the other side of a giant aquarium. I see through wavy water. Many biomechanical processes happening. Blue. Fuscia. I put up my hands as the other person is doing, in sending-healing pose.

All of a sudden Ozor wakes up. Knows what is happening. Has never been without use of arms and legs in extreme situations. Face in mummy hood of color. I think to blow these colors to him with breath. Saw bink of an awareness out of body. Alternating interest in me or the other person and inner processes.

But later the huge amount of pulling to release self, extricate self. That is detach self from body. Like bubble gum stuck or prying. Very attached. Actually very uninterested in the corpse. Not identified. But not sure who it is. Really no attachments just thinks it is. We helped clear up any doubt about what to do. Action oriented. Finally I saw whirling energy to the edge of the cave. Like balls at end of strings, whirled from a center, but more complex. There is no room for me and I leave.

I didn't get any feeling that it was over.

Finally I created a color healing and added the cave image as a tribute to the process. Later it was great to hear the visions of others and see how they matched or complemented my own.

For information on generating your own color healing, see the color weather page.

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