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White-Fringed Orchid Sprouts and Blooms DLSP Florida

White-Fringed Orchids at Deer Lake State Park 2017

I hadn't seen or heard a word from the biologists this spring. In 2016 they planted white-fringed orchid seedlings in restoration areas in the park. They marked each one with a colored plastic flag. In 2017 they marked a percentage with numbered metal tags to monitor survival over the years. I began monitoring one of them quarterly.

I wondered if those plants would survive. During the year I saw some of them bloom in late summer, go to seed and dry up in winter.

On March 21 I confirmed that three plants are now sprouting, starting with a single leaf. One was great discovery. Seeing two was even better. But three gave me high confidence in probable survival. The plant is a perennial. Since all three were close to blue pin flags, I can't tell if the seedling survived or if the sprout grew from new seed. Seeing a single leaf near each flag makes me think these are probably last year's plants.

Fall visit to the sprouted ones

Five months later, at the end of August, in the second year of restoration, plants are blooming. Here are some white-fringed orchids, white-topped pitcher plants, and friends.

white-fringed orchid wfo top wfo budding Early budding wfo Dragonfly Spider on white-topped pitcher plant Pitcher plant flower Spider on white-fringed orchid flower Spider on white-fringed orchid closeup Sundews Thread-leaf sundew Weather White-fringed orchids in titi landscape Meadow beauty flowers

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