White-fringed orchid seed capsules about to burst

White-fringed orchid seed capsules about to burst


Seed Tour 2016, Deer Lake State Park, FL

On 12/28/2016 Biologists Jeff Talbert and John Bente took seven people on a tour of the history and current state of the restoration project in Deer Lake State Park. We drove to two sites. First to see a problem wetland being cleared in the first stage of restoration in the NE part of the park (1). Then to a N central site in the next stage that was cleared last year, where previously suppressed plants are beginning to flourish (2). We saw several of them that have grown, bloomed and gone to seed. If we had time, we would have gone to a well-restored site here (3).

Driving and hiking routes Map of where we drove to get to sites 1 and 2.

Deer Lake State Park, FL: Seed Tour 2016 from Caroling Wholeo


Statement slide:

1 December tour of restoration in Deer Lake State Park, FL with two biologists who take us to site #1 to see park service clearing invasive Titi trees in wetlands

2 Map driving north around to the east and walking along a creek in mid-park north

3 Jeff Talbert, biologist with the Atlanta Botanical Garden

4 John Bente, biologist with ABG that got oil spill RESTORE funding

5 Introduction via tablet

6 Technique to take plant surveys to monitor project success

7 Densiometer index for how much light gets on the ground

8 Invasive titi trees are cut and put into a power chipper

9 Uncut trees

10 What has been cleared

11 Chips of wood must be removed from the park

12 Titi seed

13 Three-winged titi seed

14 The next site was cleared last year, see what happens


Statement slide:

15 Driving through forest managed with controlled burns to restoration site #2, cleared a year ago, where suppressed native plants are emerging and going to seed

16 Jeff with chalky bluestem plant

17 Chalky bluestem seed head

18 Chalky bluestem seed

19 Enjoying the older restoration site

20 White-fringed orchid seed capsules splitting

21 A single orchid seed and a white-topped pitcher plant amid titi regrowth

22 Orchid seeds are tiny and spread with the wind

23 Other decorative seeds

24 Orange flags mark plants propagated from restored natives

25 Taking it all in

26 Sphagnum moss

27 Sparkling drops caught within the pitcher plant leaf

28 Jeff helps with the photograph

29 He got a beautiful photo of a rare flower

30 Seeds in the pitcher plant flower

31 Whole purple pitcher plant seed capsules to send to ABG for propagation

32 Fascinated with tiny plants

33 Bog plant

34 Butterwort (carnivorous)

35 Carnivorous plant

36 Club moss

37 Cypress tree

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