Tiny Pitcher Plant in Deer Lake State Park, FL, 2016

Tiny Pitcher Plant in DLSP Florida

Deer Lake State Park 2016

Summer, I walk the beach at dawn. The rest of the year I also explore the forest. Last spring I learned of restoration. In October, hikes facilitated by the Pocket Ranger app.


Beach hike map Starting October 9 with Lake2Lake on 30A, each day starts a separate hike of about 2 miles in and out of the park. See ways to explore, with maps.


John Bente, biologist Intro, including How to Engage, State of the Park, Pitcher Plant Meadow, Orchid Tour, Seed Tour.

Forest Uplands

Oaks along a forest park service road frame a medow below. Photos from the park north of Scenic Highway 30A.


Little Fishes In and Out of Gulf Little Fishes In and Out of the Gulf of Mexico, a movie.

Dragonfly eating butterfly Dragonfly Eating Butterfly, a movie.

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