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Deer Lake State Park Hikes 2016

Pocket Ranger Find Your Park The Official Guide for Florida State Parks is an app powered by Pocket Ranger (see links below). The startup screen leads to FIND YOUR PARK. Features I like are Contact Us, Friend Finder, Info, Weather, More, Settings, and Alert.

CONTACT US button FRIEND FINDER button INFO button Weather buttonMORE button Settings ALERT button

To start mapping, Explore.


GPS Map button Find and tap Deer Lake State Park and then GPS MAP

Pocket Ranger full screenGPS Map is basically like any other map on your device. Tap User Guide for help.

Compass Compass orients to the four directions on the map. If your device has digital compass support, a red arrow shows the direction you are facing.

Coordinates Coordinates pinpoint latitude and longitude, the position on earth. This is especially useful to direct emergency personnel to your location. This place is about 30° north of earth's equator. It is about 86° west of Greenwich, UK. Note the GPS ACCURACY is 5 m (meters). So the point given could be about 15 feet off in any direction.

Current location The blue dot with pulsing surround is where you are.

Map scaleMap scale. At almost 2 miles in an inch the blue dot is maybe 3 miles directly south of Hwy 98. Scale changes with zooming.

30A map with waypoints on a route Tap yellow triangle to open and close the tool bar on the right of the screen.

To record your hike route, tap REC dot. It changes to a red Pause icon. As you move, a green line appears on the map, movng away from the start flag.

To add a waypoint, tap the + . Choose an icon or add a photo to mark the point. You can name the waypoint and see its other features and options.

Tap X to hide the route and waypoints on the map. The route is still active, just out of sight.

To see the route and waypoints, at the top of the toolbar, tap the Menu button. Select any saved features to view on the map.

To stop recording, tap the red pause button. I will write more details as I continue to explore the park and the app.

Tip: I found the triangle, X, and the expand arrows for Full Screen to be so close together that, if not careful, I would tap the wrong one. Tapping the X by mistake, when route and waypoints disappeared, I learned a lot.


Main: http://www.pocketranger.com/apps/florida

How to use it: http://www.pocketranger.com/apps tap Video Tutorials then choose any one of six to pop up a video.

YouTube video tutorials https://www.youtube.com/user/PocketRangerApp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PocketRanger/

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