Nature Trail signs in Deer Lake State Park, Florida

Trail markers on the Nature Trail

Deer Lake State Park Hikes 2016

Here are 2-mile long round-trip or looping hikes in Deer Lake State Park. Many of them I've done and I'm always discovering more. I'll start with a pedometer map, parking, seasonal considerations, and Google online maps for a few. In other words: what, where and when? I'll add photos, description and hikes as I do them from now on. Start exploring.

After the first week, I found the Florida State Park Pocket Ranger app. It is changing the way I walk and record in the park.


Beach Beach West using Walton Dunes Beach Access

Parking lot to 30A and beach west loop hike Main Entrance to beach from 30A via the parking lot, sidewalk, boardwalk and stairs or ramp to beach. Then west to the western boundary of the park.

30A hike in DLSP 30A West between the western park corner on the north side and the eastern park border with WaterSound on the south side.

Nature TrailNature Trail hike Nature Trail hike including the orange-blazed loop and the blue-blazed path to the lake/wetlands. In October, 2016 I started mapping with the Pocket Ranger Florida Guide to State Parks and beaches.

Here are some maps of the whole park. Back to Deer Lake State Park 2016 page.

Mile 1 post for orange trail in Deer Lake State Park, Florida

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