Orange forest trail loop with Blue side trail west to Deer Lake north

Nature Trail Hike in Deer Lake State Park

Nature Trail Hike

Deer Lake State Park Hikes 2016

This hike is a well-developed footpath loop around the forest with orange trail markers, interpretive signs, and a bench (see butterfly on map above) halfway around. Coordinates: 30.314112° N 86.090588° W (on Pocket Ranger app map above) of the route with waypoints. A short way from the entrance, the Lake Trail branches to the west (see yellow star on map) with blue trail markers leading to an overview of Deer Lake north (see the flag labeled "end") on the map.

Parking on the right-of-way on the north side of Scenic Highway 30A. See P on the map above. Alternatively, use the parking lot from the main entrance on the south side.

Season Open 24/7. Best in cooler months.

Note: The straight blue line segment on the following map is an error. Please disregard. The Pocket Ranger app generated the .kml file used for the blue winding hiking trail.

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