Scenic Highway 30A hike

30A Hike in Deer Lake State Park

30A Hike

Deer Lake State Park Hikes 2016

This hike is a round trip on the bike path (Timpoochee Trail) between the southwest corner of the park north of 30A (on the north side of 30A by the power station) and the eastern edge of the park on the south side of 30A where it borders WaterSound. North of 30A the park extends farther east. Watch for bicyclists.

Parking along the right of way (ROW) on the north side of 30A. Hiking on the south side of 30A on the Timpoochee Trail.

Season I like to walk the 30A hike from October through April when it is not too hot and buggy. A good time is Sunday morning at 6AM when there is least traffic, to appreciate the forest setting.

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