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Main Entrance Hike in Deer Lake State Park

Main Entrance Hike

Deer Lake State Park Hikes 2016

This hike is a round trip between 6721 Scenic Highway 30A and the western boundary of the park on the beach.

Parking in the Main Entrance parking lot.

Season every day, year round, open from 8AM to sunset.

Text of entrance sign: WELCOME. Daily park entrance fees: $3.00 per vehicle, $2.00 per person (pedestrians and bicyclists). Holders of annual permits pay no fee. Put fees in envelope, tear off stub and place envelope in deposit slot. Hang stub on inside rear view mirror, facing windshield. Display permits on drivers side of dashboard. Pedestrians and bicyclists, keep stub in your possession. FS 258 FAC 62-D *.

You can buy an annual permit to all Florida State Parks at Grayton Beach or Topsail Hill Preserve State Park (or any state park with a ranger station). Tear off stub and hang on rear-view mirror. On the envelope, write the permit number, name on the card, and expiration date. Place envelope in deposit slot.

A gravel driveway leads to the parking lot. It features a solar-powered restroom, two picnic tables under a roof, interpretive sign, kiosk, can recycle bin and trash bin. Leashed dogs are permitted while hiking in the park but not on the beach. A sidewalk leads through native vegetation, up a ramp onto a raised dune crossover boardwalk. Covered seating areas adjoin the boardwalk at the start and end. Stay off the dunes.

From the top of the dunes is one of the best lookout sites along 30A. It is about .5 miles from the entrance to the park. ADA access is by the ramp or quick access on the stairs down to the beach. The boundary of the park is about .5 miles to the west.

Visitors share this protected section of beach with wildlife. Imperiled species such as Snowy Plover birds nest here. Loons migrate here from the far north. See the other way to access this beach from the west for more beach details.

* Chapter 258, Florida Statutes and Chapter 62D-2, Florida Administrative Code. Source:

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