Engaging in sunrise at the pitcher plant meadow

How to Engage - 2016, Deer Lake State Park, FL

My multiple personalities will engage park changes as they see fit. Starting with the artist, nature lover, hiker, people person, photographer, activist, mystic shaman, deer lichen lover, mother, tech writer, learner, web person, and old woman. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Artist: Rainbow sheen of dew on the spider's web The artist revels in the patterns and colors that emerge. Like the rainbow sheen of dew on the spider's web.

Nature lover: Fly on pitcher plant flower The nature lover thrills to the new growth and beautiful animation emerging. Like the fly poised on the pitcher plant flower.

Hiker: Map with path to site under development The daily hiker wants to explore the many paths into the park from the beach to highway 98 and from the power lines to Camp Creek. Like the Nature Trail and Lake Trail on this Pocket Ranger map.

People person: Jeff Talbert The people person wants to get to know the players taking care of our park, as well as our Facebook group friends. Like Jeff Talbert who has been a park specialist at other south Walton state parks, educating his passion for his job as biologist on the restoration project.

photographer: After the burn, new growth The photographer wants to capture it all with her camera. Like the new growth framing the burnt skeletons in the lake.

Activist: boundary sign with plants and animals protected The activist wants to convince people to follow laws, both human and natural. Like no pets allowed on the dunes and beach is implied by the BOUNDARY sign.

Mystic shaman: Ascending one way or another The mystic shaman is awed by countless omens and altars. Like this fern.

Deer lichen lover: mourns the loss of her non fire-resistant friends The deer lichen lover mourns the inevitable loss of her not fire-tolerant friends. Like toasted "deer moss" in the burn areas.

Mother: a longleaf grown tip has survived the fire The mother hails signs of survival. Like the green growth tip in the apparently dead young pine needles.

BP oil spill & cleanup harmed snowy plovers on the beach The tech writer wants to distill what she gathers into media to enthuse, enthrall, and engage you to walk all parts of the park and wonder at one the the finest parts of our south Walton County on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Like writing this preview of the State of the Park 2016 album.

Deer Lake State Park sign The learner wants to become informed about all the whys and wherefores of what happened, is happening, and everyone's wish list. Like reading Lori Ceier's page: http://www.waltonoutdoors.com/nature-benefits-from-prescribed-practices-at-grayton-beach-and-deer-lake-state-park/. Or getting a tour from park personnel. Contact: 6350 East County Road 30-A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. (850) 267-8300.

The web person wants to get it all online. Like this.

The old woman who despairs at the seeming trajectory of our civilization to self-destruct (not to mention her own aging) takes refuge and finds sanctuary in a local will to perfect, preserve, protect and cherish a tiny plot close by. Ultimately improved water flows to the lakes and seeps into the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico at Deer Lake State Park

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