Biologist Jeff Talbert with newly emerging pitcher plants in Deer Lake State Park, 3/22/2016

Face of Restoration by Innovating Change in Deer Lake State Park

State of the Park 2016, Deer Lake State Park, FL

Main Points

Start top left. Read across to the right. Next line starts down and to the left. Will fill in with details to come.

IC2016-01   IC2016-02   IC2016-03   IC2016-04   IC2016-05   IC2016-06   IC2016-07   IC2015-08 Jeff Talbert and John Bente, biologists with Atlanta Botanical Garden, the ecological component funded by the BP Oil spill RESTORE grants   IC2016-09   IC2016-10   IC2016-11   IC2016-12   IC2016-13 See more maps.

For background on this project see Lori Ceier's Walton Outdoors' page. Back to Innovation in Change 2016 page.

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