Adventures in Expanding Awareness 2017, movie

Birth, Life, and Beyond
Adventures in Expanding awareness

Brain is juicy, water-based
From it spring rings of awareness
Beach yoga Breathing
Beach yoga Gathering energy
Right brain expands
Left brain expands
Left and right sides of brain are like the rays entering earth
United. As above so below
Left sends Right receives
Maybe that suggested this to me
I'm always skeptical but it seems like
Some evolutionary array is established
Either by me or in me or of me
Ancient language parcels
Seaweed poetry
Blessings Be
Crystalizing sensation
Out spring glassy wings
Sending with angles
Receiving with bent edges
Vertical reach
Always going on beyond
Spin both ways

Video by Caroling of Wholeo.Net 2017

Alternatively see the You Tube version. About Awareness colors. Background on Adventures in Awareness - Expansion page. Antenna.

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