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How to define the Eastern Lake beach? The coastal dune lake opens and closes through it. It is in Seagrove Beach, between Seaside and Deer Lake State Park on the Emerald Coast in northwest Florida, 32459.

The photo on this page was taken October 30, 2011. It is called Birds of a Feather, At Ease, Surfing Together and submitted to the Mattie M. Kelly Cultural & Environmental Institute at Northwest Florida State College (MKEI)'s Amateur Photo Contest, 2012. It has been given an Honorable Mention and will be featured in the 2013 Mattie Kelly Calendar. There will be an awards ceremony at the Choctawhatchee Estuary Family Festival on April 28th, 2012 at Rocky Bayou State Park and the photo will be on display. In November, thought of a subtitle: "Between a wave and a sandbar".

Anne Stuart tells kids about finding and marking a new turtle nest by South Walton Turtle Watch volunteersMARKING A NEW TURTLE NEST Sea Turtle Volunteer Anne Stuart talks to kids about finding, moving, and marking a sea turtle nest. Bobby Stuart does the work on the beach east of the lake on July 16, 2014. Choice of YouTube or Vimeo.

Sea turtle volunteers recording data on Loggerhead turtle hatchling released to the Gulf of Mexico SEA TURTLE HATCHLING GETS WET Going west toward Seaside on August 5, 2015 we saw Turtle Watch volunteers open a turtle nest, counting 95 eggshells left by babies about three days ago. They find a single live baby turtle that was trapped under the rain-hardened sand. Here's video of the event seeing the loggerhead turtle released to the sea. Choice of YouTube or Vimeo.

See more about turtles on South Walton Turtle Watch. Below, in the Sea Turtle Hatchling movie, Bobby reflects on a list of predators a baby turtle must avoid to survive.

Bobby Stuart, a verteran turtle watcher on the beach in south Walton county

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