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In October, 2017 I wrote in my journal.

Doing yoga, swinging arms in EIE or EIEnor pattern, had the feeling I'm building this framework for 5D consciousness. Idea that it could be related to Castaneda's awareness capsule. Idea that it could be blueprint for aura structures I'm building now. Should I amend the 3D orbit movies to fit the 3D brain cell. And make a 5D consciousness overall brain cell.

Actually it could be a robot car or vehicle or chair or exoskeleton. I'm needing that word for our global mind. Into the Noosphere.

Here are two links that emphasize the Noosphere, "freed from the taint of vitalism".

The No÷sphere article is an answer to "What scientific term or concept ought to be more widely known".

NOOSPHERE's philosophy is based on the theory of Vladimir Vernadsky, who defined the Noosphere as the "sphere of human thought".

I use the concept as human awareness with all its content. This page needs more links and definitions of links. It is a work in progress in association with Carolyoga Noosphere. Several of the linked pages need work too.

wholeOOward links to Noosphere

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