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Welcome to my list of favorite links. Wish they were here! Promises, promises. Today, just a few, but the first so good and the last so preposterous. Links like these are worth starting a page for. Too bad so many links die and I don't keep up with them.

Trips links, starting with New Zealand. Some relate to pages here and some just general information.

Kratts' Creatures, yes, OK, it is a TV show for kids that always give me an UP spin. So is their web site as good?

Whole Internet Sites. Links, that is, to sites that are devoted to helping us grow our online community.

Mandalas and rainbow-colored art. This could go on the spirit sites page, but let's stick to the colors in it. That's good enough. The rainbow horizonal rule above is from this site. Thanks!

Whole Spirit Sites. That is, sites that are devoted to you as a whole spirit.

Emerald Coast, NW Florida links. My community, local interest.

Unique Links

Crane and plane wing Whooping Crane Project. Follow the daily adventures of a bunch of guys guiding newbie birds in their migration flight south for the winter. These birds are synthetic, that is, not born in the wild, so they don't know how to do it on their own. They fly along with the ultralite plane. Huge beautiful photos (over 100K) downloads take time, but are worth a wait. Usually you are reading text during download. {May, 1999, this page has not been updated since 1997.}

Solution Etcetera's SuperCard is a great application. SuperCard lets you build custom interactive, multimedia programs easily. Flamethrower let you create Web server cgi scripts easily, now obsolete.

Links buried within Wholeo Online

Noosphere links

Reindeer lichen links

Millennium sites under Lookout 2000

Leo Geary links

The Great Wholeo Link.

Paths in Wholeo Online

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