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This page was to tap into the growing web of awareness, but is out of date. Any whole spirit link I visit where I find something of value could go here. The fact that the link is here does not mean that I endorse everything about it. I hope you find good take-off points, as I did. I place the latest links at the top.flame

For 2012, see the season page for 2012.

Beacons of Light at often rings true with my channeling experiences.

Often resonates:

Peter Russell says consciousness is like space and time. Once a physics assistant to Stephen Hawkings, Russell makes mind maps. His list of links makes up for my lack.

Unitarian Universalist Association.

Many of this person's teachings are similar to my guidance. However, I only learned of him in the summer of 1998., Drunvalo Melchizidek, and, the Flower of Life, present fascinating ways to implement sacred geometry., the New Civilization Network and, the World Transformation site are part of action visions for a better world. Notice that they are not .com domains.

Sacred Geometry, a link suggested by visitor (thanks, Cindy), since the link I had was broken. The page doesn't mention Islam, Buddhism, paganism and most of the great spiritual directions of the world, unfortunately. But there are many good links to basic aspects. Good thoughts and work about the evolution of consciousness related to the dodecahedron and sacred geometry, including light, sound, and color. Go to the main page and come in the color way. Do the light language tutorial. For roots of this work that is right on track, see the long-loading, story. Wonderful unexplored deeps.

Meru Foundation.

Links buried within Wholeo Online

The Great Wholeo Link.
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