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The links on this page are to sites devoted to building our global community on the Internet. These paths expand consciousness and help take steps to becoming aware of our wholeness.

A World Wide Panorama (was Wrinkle In Time) project

QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) and other immersive imaging movies created by artists, photographers, and producers all around the earth, at specifically synchronized times. The World Wide Panorama activity starts in March, 2004 and continues. See the Wholeo World Wide Panorama page for my entries and links to the global web site. Winkle in Time activity started in December, 1997 and continued through the year 2000. See the outdated and obsolete Wrinkle links to web sites, email list, and contacts.

The Garden

I support the Garden.

Links buried within Wholeo Online

The Lookout 2005 page lists whole world links for acting globally. Year 2012 has globally-oriented links. The holomorph is a vision for a global infospace. The Whole Self page has Wholeo Online Connections (external sites).
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