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Lookout 2000--Toward the Holomorph

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The Millennium Holomorph site begins in December, 1999.This contribution to the celebration of Lookout 2000, is from me, Caroling. It addresses this idea by Gregory Wright :
"We need to design an elegant four-dimensional navigable infospace. This space will represent the entire land-and-water surface of the planet."
Greg calls this infospace a holomorph. The Millennium Holomorph idea came from an article in VReMAG by Gregory D. Wright. The article is reprinted here, at Lookout 2000.

The topics are Maps, World Visions, and other related ideas.


We need a visual reference and take-off point. What else but some sort of map? In 2006, Google Earth and others have created great addressable earth maps. The following is Y2K legacy text from before the year 2000.

Flat maps

3D maps

Globeglobe. Mathematica could be the visual generator. Here is the T-shirt from the 1990 Mathematica conference. The graphic is a globe with the continents cut out. The software can generate images of the globe that are more refined. Then we would show how graphic tools could zoom in on a local area for precision. If you are interested and would like to visualize the project better, see the Wolfram web site, creators of Mathematica.

Note: This movie is converted from a QTVR globe, showing how to use it. You can grab the earth and move it around. The rotating earth is © Andrew Cameron Bairnsfather 1999.

World visions

We need global coordinated actions. In 2004, the World Wide Panorama site started, fullfilling the promise shown in the pioneer items listed below.

Other related ideas

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