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This page is to summarize the past, itemize the present, and either prophesize or start a wishlist, or list of milestones for the future, for the next millennium, the year 3000. Currently these issues are listed on the celebration page. It might include a time capsule or letters to the future, not to be read or opened until then. To do that, need to investigate security locks for files that might be good for 1,000 years. Ha. Actually there are time capsule solutions to list here.

See One example of a problem that changes over time is exotic vs. native species in New Zealand. Early settlers brought familiar plants and animals with them, even if just as seeds stuck in the mud on their shoes. While ordinary at home, in the new world these life forms are exotic. Now we're increasingly aware of tremendous problems because there are no native checks and balances to these exotic life forms. Possums are eating the native forest. Rabbits damage farmland. Cats and dogs kill native birds, such as the nation's mascot, the kiwi. Ginger and a host of other plants choke out the natives and take over land that is very difficult to reclaim. Animals introduced for hunting, such as Himalayan Thar, take to the mountains and consume scarce alpine vegetation. What is our plan for the future?

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