Lookout for 2000, celebration

This page described the Lookout 2000 celebration and how you could participate at the lookout, virtually. There were a few contributors. This page was to have artwork, writing, songs, facts, thoughts, wishes, and suggestions as to what to share. It might include a specific time to bing the GPS (global positioning satellite, to synchronize watches). For place, see the inner site.

For general millennium email discussion, I haven't found quite what I'd like. The Earth Rainbow Network, ERN, list is off now. See the ERN web page for leads. Another group has been quiet lately, that is August, 1998, but is generally a fine source. To me, the academic viewpoint prevails. It was Talk 2000, an email list or news group. Visting the links, if you find good groups, please let me know.

Here are contribution tips, calendar items, wishlists for the years preceding 2000, and milestones for the year 3000.

Contributing to the celebration

I am not endorsing and do not necessarily share the opinions and content of the contributions.


Wishlist for the year 2000

Milestones for the year 3000

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