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This is a site plan to help imagine being there for the millennium celebration. The panels under the windows provide background information.

Fire tower floor plan

Click on the window panels for information. (Small, thin, rectangles inside the outer deck.) Panel 1 is right of magnetic north.

A set of photos shows views from the lookout and walking down the path.

The kauri tree and stone monument (see photo or milestone) are a memorial to W.R. McGregor. On the stone is a bronze plaque. The inscription states:

"In 1979 this kauri tree was planted by Neil Austin M.P. in memory of W.R. McGregor 1894-1977 whose interest in the preservation of Kauri Forest was instrumental in the dedication in 1952 of the Waipoua Forest Sanctuary."

Puketurehu is from the Maori root words Puke (hill) and turehu (fairies). It is the hill you see in this photo, looking North from the tower. The path to the visitor center crosses the side of this hill.

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