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This page tells about the local people, grouped as native people (Maori), Forest Service, Department of Conservation (DOC), and private reserves in the area. It gives a general impression of them. More precise information is welcome.

The Maori have brought a law suit to reclaim some of the Waipoua forest, including the fire lookout tower and pine trees. As in similar suits brought elsewhere in New Zealand, the Maori claim the land was unjustly taken from their ancestors.

The Forest Service started the planting and harvesting of exotic pine forests, which are now managed by private owners.

Among the Department of Conservation's tasks are maintaining the native Waipoua forest that is in the national park, while being responsive to public demands.

The private reserves seek to extend the amount of land that is protected from exploitation and return the land to native forest.

The aims of each group are seemingly incompatible. The main issues are control of the land and whether that leads to conservation, restoration, or exploitation. In 2010, an update from a NZ friend: the Tangata Whenua (literally 'People of the Land', the local tribe) Te Iwi O Te Roroa have taken over the management of the forest from DOC.
Here's a short video about what they're doing,

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