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Lookout 2000--Toward the Holomorph, related idea

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This contribution came from the online forum, Talk 2000. It is related to the Millennium Holomorph idea.

Jay Gary wrote off-line:

> I am curious
> about your email address? Does it represent a project or proposal or web
> site? Please post information if you wish to our daily Talk 2000 Forum

James Sullivan responded:

1. I am a private citizen, I do not have or represent a business. I changed my Email address on my Erols internet provider when they opened it up to 32 characters because I am becoming millennium conscious.

2. I did buy the domain name the-third-millennium.com and millennium-three.com after I got to thinking about how millennium-crazy people will be in the next two years. I will probably sell one and use the other for a web site. I do not have a web site now.

3. When my friend asked why people would need millennium sites I thought about this. Before I saw your and the other millennium sites I projected this to its natural conclusion and I now see something starting to happen. I sent a suggestion to US Vice President Gore (the technology VP) on a white house millennium link.

I envision an internet world fair or exposition. It can be a network of sites like present arrangements and more. I see the front end as a 3D virtual world where you can move to many sites or projects by country interest, past (history 1000AD to 2000) present (links, interest) and future (some domonstration of capabilities eg audio visual, chat). The front end like any world fair would not be commercial with little boxes popping up all over. It would take some PC and network software like the new on-line games with their virtual worlds. The resources could be donated by corporate and government sponsors who would have a secondary presence in their "pavillions" or whatever form it could take.

This may sound monumental but the technology is here. It should reflect the themes that are arising out of the global groundswell.

Ecology/sustainability, the site itself is a metaphor and an actualization of the sense of global village and the changes ubiquitous communication can bring about. In victorian times, in 1900 people did more with less resources. Are we pygmies by comparison? Think big. Try to start the idea in Canada and pass it to other internet sites. No one owns this idea; it is going to happen. The only question is good timing, non commercialized presentation, and organization.

Jim Sullivan

I (Carol Geary) asked:

> Can you tell us about any other preliminary steps that you see, that lead to
> the realization of your idea? Do you envision it happening in 2000 or 2001,
> for the turn of the millennium? Or is it going to take another millennium to
> happen? Also, what would prompt you to start your web site? After seeing that
> Greenwich has a fair and and site, and EMP has an electronic project and all
> the other millennial web presences, what would your site add that isn't
> already being done?

James Sullivan responded:

Why is Carol Geary asking about my website? I was talking about a government - corporate project that would be virtual millennium exposition.

It would link many 3d sites that adhere to a common geography, themes, organization and standards. It would not look like the present web except at the "back door" links from corporate sites. If it can't be complete by 2000 it could be implemented over time between 2000 and 2001. I do not consider this to be my idea. It is happening in pieces. It needs a dedicated organization to bring it together.

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