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“OK, I accept colors” says the eye with great color arcs of expanding consciousness. The evolutionary pulse leads through flex sizing and unexpected color rhythms. Zap to spinning sphere panorama trying to balance north/south poles, left/right twirling, fast/ slow, in/out. Expanding out to symbol of breathing open and closed, accepting change.

My computer generated the images. I captured them, added position, time and color changes, suggesting themes of balance. These are factors in every life decision in which we are constantly balancing. Trying to maintain balance which must be dynamic, facing constant inevitable change.

Imagery building for years started with a computer finder/app glitch, a captured noise pattern in 1997. At first just a beauty, a radiant digital emblem of cohesion. Discovered transparent pixels allowed the graphic to meld with diverse backgrounds, eliciting new meanings, first called "SMaxBmwMutant" after SMax (the computer), BMW (Bristlecone Medicine Wheel, the graphic location), and mutant (for the change). In the year 2000, named “Chakra 12” as a high energy transducer. In 2001 it became “Radar Awry” in spinning panorama over browser/email-generated noise. It took shape as various color altars. Then as part of a movie about expanding consciousness (MET Color Choices) it joined transforming functions to herald evolution. Its journey here came through adventures with Adobe software video effects.

It was born on a Motorola Mac clone, StarMax, backed up on various hard discs and removable media. Edited on a portable iBook, a desktop G4, G5, and a MacBook Pro. These platforms helped mold character.

Occupy Thumbnail 2012 Pixels or picture elements visually resemble needlepoint, tapestry, any kind of weaving. Their works are non-representational and don't tell a story by mimicking any reality but their digital presence, here, now. Late breaking news: thanks to Fascia (current system) and Adobe Bridge (created the thumbnail image) for new computer creativity, on the date of first publishing this page. A .mp4 movie tripped the image to the right. Only the colors are from the movie, not the shapes. To repeat, "I accept colors". I called this image "Occupy Thumbnail", adding the subtitle "Pixeled Pixels Pixelating". Click the little image for a larger one. It has more colors and shapes derived from a larger original Bridge thumbnail of the same .mp4 movie resulting in a rich textured weave, like fabric.

Entry in Digital Graffiti 2012 Festival competion was not accepted, but do see Wholeo coverage of the event. See Computer Creativity or Community art.

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