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Computer noise

Computer noise. Or is it art? Or is it a lively act of collaboration within the world of people and digital devices such as cameras and computers? Or computer creativity at the interface?

I've shown some interest in the creative acts of my computer SMax before (1997-2000). See:

Here's another collaborator: QuickTime. See:

In 2003, Nob (a Macintosh G4 computer) digitizes the sea. (Full size.)

In 2005, Yeo (an iBook), in movie-editing, displayed this scalar rapture.

In 2011,

In 2012, Fascia (MacBook Pro computer) and Adobe Bridge (app) thumbnailed a movie.

Spirit Dancer jazzedIn 2013, Lumia (iMac 27" Late 2012 computer) and Adobe CS6 programs jazzed, fractured and crashed with Spirit Dancer.

In 2017, Lumia outdid herself with inversion.

In 2018, Lumia created Adobe graphic channeling.

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