digitized sea

Scaled scalar rapture

I wonder how the computer made this image? The actual movie had completely different shapes and colors. The software running across the laptop computer, a DVD drive, and two hard drives turned a digicam movie image into scalar pixels. The screen capture is a view where the digicam is connected (notice it says, VTR OK). I was preparing to Print to Video, that is, write out the movie from the computer to a miniDV tape in the camera. This is Final Cut Express 2 on an iBook G4 800MHz, La Cie DVD D2 drive, IEEE 1394 (Firewire™) 400Mbps bus, and two Seagate 300GB hard drives. The video signal displays both on the iBook LCD and a Sony trinitron 21" monitor.

closer 8 x magnification. Close (4x) or Medium (2x) screen captures. Each window pops up separately for comparison. Of course this is a momentary display; the underlying movie file is not affected. I'm fascinated by the non-repeating rhythms and the changing scale of the blocks of color.

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