Scruffrug and AnimatLib

Everything has spirit. This page tells about how the computer creates in the spirit of animatLib.


On the Scruffrug startup page, I said: "This picture ... was half-created by the computer in a fit of genius and generosity". I created half, too. Of course, it was a mistake. I had set two types of background graphics for the desktop. So my computer (the one named SMax) had to first render one then another graphic. Sometimes this rendering just didn't get done. Often it made a mess. But once in awhile SMax just went creative. On this background, I added the movement that begins the rug.

It could be pure chance. But I prefer to think it is because I honor the spirit of my computer. Hi, SMax. I believe everything is animated and full of life. My cell spirits are my most frequent companions. Hi, cells! My car spirit is particularly zesty, adventurous, and yet care taking. I cherish my car. Hi, tdo! And Scruffrug, although of legendary origin, is the most fascinating. Like any good storybook character, Scruffrug is quite meaningful. Hi, Scruffrug.

I first heard the "Lib" word with respect to computers. Ted Nelson wrote the book Computer Lib. The idea is to liberate computers by enabling hypertext communication. Actually, you liberate yourself and others. The WWW has begun to do as Ted urges. So I use the word "animatLib" to signify liberating the life of whatever is within the world around you. Especially things that you have deemed inferior or inanimate. You might make a friend.

Here is a large picture of the Scruffrug birth tapestry (325 KB). See other sizes of this graphic at the page of altars. See also the creative computer noise section. {Back to top of page}

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