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Near mailboxes

At the edge of the Pt. Washington State Forest, to the east of Eastern Lake, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in late April, 2012, I found a puffball. Not sure if it is an earthball. When I first saw it, it was a white round pincushion-looking mushroom. I've seen this kind at the site where I got earthball and lichen together (see lowest photo on this page). It is a perfectly oval almost sphere ball with tiny white sharp tipped bumps all over. A few days later, the white outer membrane had burst and peeled away from the inner ball, as seen in the photos that I took on May 1.

Here is a picture that looks like it. It seems to be some sort of Lycoperdum. I first found what looked to me like an "earth flower" in 2009. Since then they have not appeared in the same places each year and I have found them closer to my home.

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