12-circle EIE over icosidodecahedron

Imagine, Geometry - EIE expanded brain cell

The drawing above shows how the 12 circles of EIE relate to the 12 pentagrons and 20 triangles of an icosidodecahedron.

My research into visualizing the structure of consciousness started about 45 years ago (with respect to 2012). After I lived in a dome with a Buckminster Fuller-designed, 12-circle geodesic skeleton for a couple of years, research expanded into visualizing expanded structures of consciousness. That was about 35 years ago. The basic idea of EIE was in place in the Light Body book about 30 years ago. For about 15 years I went over to the other side of my brain in the high tech world. For the last 15 years, I've tried to document the basics, tacking pages into all parts of this website, wholeo.net, as shown in the cross-references, still incomplete. The intro to the site is a try. So here's another aspect.

soccer ballRecently I blogged about buckyballs and wholeo.net. A buckyball molecule is also called a Buckminsterfullerene. Its geometric model is a truncated icosahedron or a soccer ball. The purpose of these images is to note the structural similarities and ponder what's useful between them. I've put the black nodes of a buckyball on the front of a 12-circle EIE. The first try shows how the hexagons are larger than the pentagons in EIE. The second try roughly shows where the nodes of a regular truncated icosahedron would be with respect to the circles of EIE. In the EIE model there are six sets of circle-pairs: red, blue, yellow, cyan, green and pink. I could create another EIE model moving each pair closer together, to equalize the distances. These drawings are done by hand and are irregular sketches. All the forms have twelve pentagonal faces, like an expanded dodecahedron. The 20 spaces in-between are all variations on an icosahedron. The 60 nodes of the buckyball molecule are the five corners of each of 12 pentagons.

12-circle EIE with Buckyball nodes 12-circle EIE with regular buckyball nodesBuckyball nodes articulated

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