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I finally organized the slides the way they were taken, into 9 piles. The last box had slides in mounts with no numbers. This list shows the slides I scanned in the order they were taken (hopefully). The ones missing from this list are part of the Leo Geary website.

March, 2012 I've adapted the list with links to miscellaneous photos posted to the web. Previous to 2019 there was a slideshow of these photos on a Google+ page for Leo Geary Photographs but Google discontinued G+.

Intro chats

Looked at the slides with a friend of Leo's on Oct. 14, 1993. That was going home day anniversary. We had met a year ago, when Tyrone was supposed to be seeing Leo home to NZ. We cried so much. I showed Tyrone the video of the service in New Zealand that Robyn had given me. He loved it. We looked at all Leo's New Zealand slides. He could relate so deeply because he was part of that trip and that's when he had met Leo. He had been many of the places separately. He had traveled on when Leo stopped to pick apples for money. Seeing the slides made Tyrone want to go back to New Zealand. He had been soured on it for a year of grieving for Leo.

That's when Tyrone gave me the photo montage poster. It shows Leo jumping on a trampoline, the first night Tyrone met Leo. It was on a remote site on the Coromandel penninsula. Leo's bike journal tells of it. Tyrone had another slide of Leo then that he said he would copy for me, but never did.

Also, Tyrone told me of his trip to Owen's Valley on June 5-6, 1993. He was going to go to the Palisades (Pinnacles?) where Leo and Tyrone planned to go climbing in 92. Tyrone was going to scatter the ashes I gave him. But this year it had rained and snowed all winter and Tyrone could not go there. Also he was snowboarding and had a photographer friend along. So Tyrone went to Gunter Launch. First he camped along the Owen's river, where Leo probaby camped in 92.

Then he saw a parapente drifting down and went to talk to the woman. It was Kari Castle, the woman champion parapenter who lives in Bishop. She was with Leo when he died and spoke of how happy Leo had been flying and what a great guy he was, how fun he was. Then the man landed, and it was Mark Axen, who organized the event Leo was participating in. He was the man who told me that Leo died, that I'll never forget. So Tyrone found it very good to talk to Leo's friends. They told him where to go.

So Tyrone walked up into the White mountains, past the two piles of white tailings. He felt Leo's presence keenly. Talked to him, cried to him asking why he had left and telling him how much he missed him and how he didn't know how to go on. Then he got a feeling that Leo was quite happy, very happy, and had no regrets about having moved on. Tyrone told me all about his experience, that I can't remember. He sang me a song he composed to Leo. When he tossed the ashes, some went to earth, some swirled around, and some rose up on the winds. He sang the song as he ran down. It was important to not go down the same way that he came up. It was incredibly moving.

He said he'd send it to me. But I haven't heard from him since. His former partner, feels like Tyrone has died. He went away to Berkeley to become an architect. He has not contacted either of us. It is as if he has gone on to a new life.

So I'm not making him duplicates. I'm scanning all the slides into permanent digital form on the computer.

Should note that the slides are very out of order. Probably Leo showed them to different people, with different purposes. However, probably possible to almost get them back in order by sorting by the development date and slide number.

Quoted remarks are written on the slide. Other comments are mine.

1998 update. Robyn said I could keep the slides. When I met Blair Macdonald in Christchurch in 1996, he said he would like a CD of Leo's graphics. Now I'm making it to send to him. Of course it is much harder than I thought. In 1996 added some notes as to which slides were in Leo's bike journal, by day.

Pre-NZ slides.

    2. Teresa Brown and Leo on trip to Ano Nuevos in 1987 just before Leo went on his bicycle trip to New Zealand.

    3. Carol and Leo on trip to Ano Nuevos in 87 {On web, linked from NZ bike trip journal}

    4. Coast ahead, or lake light orchid sky {Same as lg4, put in misc/tahiti, along with lg5, lg6, and lg7}

    5. Orchid clouds over big green landscape

    6. Beautiful magenta light, especially of road curving ahead and dark weird mountain formations against full sky.

    7. Leo's face camoflaged in thicket of bushes.

    8. Dark foreground with road straight ahead to lavendar mystical peak.

    9. Leska and John cycling

    Tahiti mountain. Leo crouching from behind in shadow. Peak dabling in cloud at top.

    Tahiti green mountains seen from boat back.

    Totally green jungly marvelous Tahiti. The mountain has one of those little pyramid temples like Shastina has and others I've seen. There's a very vertical pyramid structure in the distance.

See photos of Leo's Bicycle Trip in New Zealand

    3-22. Snowy field. Small people? Peaks in distance.

    3-23. Leo and friends (four) posturing. Leo quite happy, in red, against snow with ski stuff.

    3-24. Someone peering over a ridge

    3-25. Leo squatting in red clothes beside skis stuck in snow.

    3-26. Figures with skis in snowscape.

    3-27. Telemark demo bus, Leo at work! "Karhu Demo at Cardrona `88"

    4-1. "Upper Rees Valley Oct 88"

    4-2. Sweeping terrain

    4-3. Mountains

    4-4. Mountains

    4-5. Peaks from afar on road

    4-6. Approaching Wright Col.

    4-7. Peak.

    4-8. Snow ridge with bump (that is really a hut against a rock spine from the other side). "Wright Col Oct 88".

    4-9. Hut and peak with people.

    4-10. Peak.

    4-11. (Leary col)

    4-12. Very white slopes medium distance.

    4-13. Awe.

    4-14. Vertical Snowy peak ridge with vertical rock spines

    4-15. More white peaks.

    4-16. Towering pinacle of ice and snow. "Mt. Williams, Oct `89." {Maybe this is really 88?}

    4-17. Landscape.

    4-18. People laid back on rounded snow with mt view to right. "Mt. Earnslaw Oct 1988" {How can be 88?}

    4-19. Rare shot of Leo skiing. Nothing spectacular except heading toward dark dropoff "Down from Esquilant Bivy Oct 1988"

    4-20. Pluto Pk. Oct 1989

    4-21. Sunrise around peak shoulder

    4-22. Sunset light behind roof "Esquilant Bivy, Twilight Oct 1988"

    4-23. Awesome ridge very narrow to all snow peak ahead. "From Summit. E. Pk. Mt. Earnslaw Oct. 88"

    4-24. Landscape.

    4-25. More peaks. Looks like lake in the distance.

    4-26. Two people on peak.

    4-27. Vertical Red person far into snow to distant peaks.

    4-28. Wind blowing snow up into the sky over a white hill (Not Richard's choice, mine, for the wind!) {source of wind spherespirit in PhotoShop}

    4-29. Small figure on slope.

    4-30. Two peaks, one with pink hut against sky and two people. "Esquilant Bvy"

    4-31. Leo skiing.

    4-32. Leo skiing.

    4-33. Small figure on the ski slope.

    4-34. Slope.

    4-35. Old favorite self portrait of Leo walking from the right across dry grass plain, while towering overhead is white peak. Leo has on shorts, pack and straight-up skis. "Ree's Valley, Oct. 88."

    4-36. Leo, Christine, & (man?) by car with gear "Matukituki Nov 1988"

    5-1. (Aspiring from Cascade track)

    5-2. Steep slope with patches of snow.

    5-3. Landscape.

    5-4. (Plunkett dome Mt. Aspiring Nov 88) Two people cross-country skiing.

    5-15. Two people holding bicycles fording stream.

    5-19. Valley.

    5-26. Sunset beyond snowy mountains.

    5-27. Mt. Aspiring.

    5-28. White diagonal bank to left, snow.

    5-29. Landscape.

    5-30. Landscape.

    5-32. Cycling on Flat, distant peak "Macetown, 88"

    5-33. Two people.

    5-35. Aha, Tasman glacier. "Hrs by foot, mins by parapente... 1988"

    5-36. Vertical snowy ridge "Tasman 1988"

    5-37. {Freshfield Glacier, is Mt. Cook}

    5-38. Landscape.

    5-39. Cut-off horizontal of mountain ridges "Mt. Tasman Silberhorn Graham, Teichelmann From Cook Dec 1988"

    6-5. A-frame hut and 3 people against snow field "Dart Glacier Nov 1988"

    6-13. Bicycler from back winding up through green landscape with distant peak. "Upper Shotover" Dec 88

    6-14. Bicycler around lake, peak "Upper Shotover Dec 1988"

    6-16. Cycling on flat, closer to distant peak "Up. Shotover, 88"

    6-17. Bicycling across board bridge. "Upper Shotover Dec. 88"

    6-18. Canyon "Up Shotover, Dec. 88"

    6-20. (Jan. 6 Mt. Cook)

    6-21. Leo wading through heavy stream with bicycle

    6-22. Winding road amongst hills. big brown with cloudy sky "UpShotover" Slide 22

    6-23. Peaks reflected in lake. Looks like pic in video of Leo's service. "Red Tarns-Sebastopol Dec 1988".

    6-28. Peaks reflected in plane wing at top. "Malte Brun Dec 1988"

    6-29. Vertical taken from plane, with wing above "Tasman Glacier 1988"

    6-30. Vertical Close up, looking up "Mt. Cook, E. Face 1988"

    6-32. Peak and snow field with plane. A couple of people getting in. Grand Plateau.

    6-33. Leo in red with Parapente in pack on back on an incredible ridge "Mt. Cook Xmas Morning 1988"

    6-34. Couple on snowy peak "Xmas 1988"

    7-1. Woman walking down snow hill towards camera "Chris on Cook 1988"

    7-2. Peak ahead with two tiny figures past a crevasse, with great wind snow clouds blowing up above "1988"

    7-3. Snowy peaks


    7-5. People in hut.

    7-6. Slope

    7-7. Free heelin' the fresh field

    7-8. Slope

    7-9. Very rugged grey with white snow glacier.

    7-10. Leo with his skis. All these pictures looked kind of seedy. Maybe he was lonesome or worn out? Looks wonderfully tall and lean though. "De la Beche Ridge Dec 1988"

    7-11. Leo against peak of snowy rocks. "De La Beche Ridge. Dec'88".

    7-12. Leo getting close to a peak.


    7-14. Leo skiing down.

    7-20. Sunrise "Morning of Mt. Cook Flight Jan 6, 1989"

    7-22. Morning before summiting N ridge Sefton

    7-23. More peaks "Upper Copland Jan 1989"

    7-24. Peaks "Cook From Copland Jan 1989

    7-25. "Dart Glacier Nov 1988", 1-60 Daisy growing against mottled grey rocks "Daisy. N. Ridge, Mt. Sefton Jan 1989" {Not sure which of these callouts is right, if any.}

    7-27. Grey striated rocks wet with sinuous stream waterfall. "N. Ridge, Mt. Sefton Jan 1989"

    7-28. "Morning Before Summiting, N. Ridge Sefton" {Wonder if Leo posed the peaked cap to mimic the mountain peak.}

    7-29. Dark peak with cloud in its belly. "Upper Copland from Sefton. Jan 1989"

    7-30. Vertical peaky "Summit from N. Ridge Jan 1989"

    7-31. Light painted snow slope in abstract expressionist glory. "Sefton, N.Ridge Jan 1989"

    7-32. "Sefton from towards Welcome pass"

    7-33. Bear-claw shaped cliff. "Near Welcome Pass Jan 1989.

    7-38. Leo in an interesting room with fabric walls? Kerosene lantern on wall. Leg in cast, typing on typewriter. few clothes, grinning away. "No Problem, Mon! Jan 1989"

{A year and 5 months missing...}

    8-1. Hat rack sculpture. Very surreal. Is this a painting, sculpture, reality? At the beginning of Leo's trip to US in May, 1989. See Mt. Whitney pictures.

    8-10. (Snowy misty mts closeup) think is not Whitney anymore.

    8-12. Marvelous view of friend against ice edge with mist beyond.

    8-13. More mists, amazing lighting.

    8-14. Good picture of Leo, outdoors, on mountain, in snow. Detail used at start of Ice Climb web series.

    8-15. Leo kinda dark against close mound of snowy rock, may have done a dodged version.

    8-16. Landscape.

    8-17. Leo agains the mound and the landscape.

    8-18. Dark foreground.

    8-19. Far peaks over near field.

    8-20. Figure between upright skis.

    8-22. Leo and woman on snowy height against town and beach and big water beyond. He's clowning and pointing up and she's spellbound by his uplifted finger or looking up in the same way.

    8-27. Sunrise on peak, wonderful light on forms. {Think this is part of ice climb series.}

    8-36. Field.

    8-37. Landscape. Following photos were also part of ice climb series.

    9-6. Leo smiling confidently with parapente pack on back, yellow crash helmet, Christchurch (?) in background,

    9-9. Landscape. Orange ridge against deep forest green ridge. I think it is orange from the sunset light, like another vertical picture of orange rock.

    9-12. Three very colorful parapentes against vivid blue sky. Actually, maybe four, one down to left very far away. Just a touch of land to lower right and touch of cloud faint.

    9-15. Parapente and landscape, kinda dim with highlight on water.

    9-16. Flat white snow. Plane between it and dark background.

    9-22. Blonde guy

    Leo and Robyn

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