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Graphics and text © Carol Geary 2012 All Rights Reserved. Here's the story of climbing Mt. Whitney, as I remember Leo telling me about it. John Penny was Leo's friend when they were both students at University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB). In 1989 John was in grad school and came on this trip with Leo, newly resident in New Zealand, who came back to the US to move from Utah and California. They got to the Sierra Mountains late but decided to take a quick hike to the top. They had on light summer clothes and not much else. Here is a site with a route map, calling it the "mountaineers route". http://www.pbase.com/bb/whitney. When they actually got to the top it was getting dark. I can't remember why they didn't try to go down, but for one thing it became very cold. They took refuge in an outhouse, where they spent the night. Leo felt they would have died without that shelter, however bad the smell. There are following pictures in the box of slides but I don't know if they are from the top of Whitney or another location. Since they are snow-covered, it must be New Zealand.

Mt. Whitney at dawn

John Penny

Mt. Whitney 2

Mt. Whitney 3

Mt. Whitney 4

Mt. Whitney 5

Mt. Whitney 6

Mt. Whitney 7

Bike trip journal across the USA, 1984
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