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Having a Ball at Liberty Science Center, NJ

In summer, 2012 at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, USA a boy plays with a ball in an air blower. What does he learn?

Science is fun or fun can be science. Playing the game of catch (disclaimer: I cut out bad throws and catches). Directing air flow to control the ball: sending it up and getting it down. Keeping focused and repeating tasks leads to mastery and success. I'm not sure of the idea behind wiggling fingers at the ball, but it did lead to finding out how to partially interrupt the air flow to control the ball's position. Sharing is fun too.

Alternatively, this could be Airbender training.

Poster on the wall says:

"Air speed

"Observe, Watch what happens to the ball when you place it over the blower. What happens when you try to pull the ball away?

"Imagine, Think about what keeps the ball in place. It is like an invisible force . This moving air creates charges or changes in air pressure right around the ball.

"Create. Find the blower angle that makes the ball fall. That's when there is stronger air pressure above the ball than below it."

Liberty Science Center entry, video title See the 4-minute video on YouTube or on Vimeo.

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