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2012, qigong

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Notes on energy work - qigong. Chi - energy. Gong - work. My task is to guide folks to remember of some of the things we've learned from ECMS presenters and to introduce some favorites I encountered long ago. Tune into our position in the solar system and galaxy. Relax into universal field.

Ground with feet rooted under hips. Knees flexible. Arms lifted slightly, bell-shaped, like a gong. Not stopped, dynamic, flexibly able to move in any direction if need be.

Stand establishing three lines: up legs across hips (one), up spine through head to star (two), and across shoulders down arms (three). This is the center position. If a truck is coming at you fast, jump aside and return to balance. If a tree limb falls from above, recoil quickly and return to balance. If your left knee gives way, perhaps hit from behind, gracefully catch yourself from the fall and restore equilibrium. What response expends the least energy while defending yourself most effectively? Say someone taps you on the shoulder. What if you feel something biting your hand?

Disperse spent energy by raising onto toes (breathe in) and forcefully returning down onto heels (breathe out longer). Repeat several times. Shake out hands and fingers, breathing out strongly and loudly.

Twist slowly, twisting trunk from right to left, arms limp, breathing out. Breathe in on the return to center. Repeat twist from left to right. Each twist is a breath out. Breathe in at the turn. Increasing speed, centrifugal force swings arms which begin to rise. Eventually hands slap you awake, give you massage. Slowly decelerate back to standing.

Swivel with feet together, starting with knees, both ways, drawing a figure 8 or infinity sign in the air. Increase swivels to gradually include hips, then shoulders, arms and finally head, figure eighting infinitely. To complete, gently reduce swivels from top to bottom, stopping head, arms, hips, and knees. Return to balance.

Fly up to the top of the mountain. Breathe in as raise arms to side, palms down, in several flaps. Turn palms up and continue several lifts to finally reach prayer position overhead, gathering Chi. I am the farthest trunk, branch, twig, leaf of the tree, photosynthesizing, turning light into energy. I am the roots within the soil. I am the core down into fiery lava within earth's crust. I am the rain flinging drops from fingers up to my lightning flashing down to ground. Earth air fire water, experience being the elements. I am the spirit of all being. Balance. Meditate for a few minutes.

Bend over forward at right angle, dangling arms down breathing out. Seesaw shoulders back and forth a few times. As raise one shoulder up, breathe in. Hold, expanding your lung. Breathe out as change shoulders and in as the other is raised, held and expanded. Repeat several times.

When arms are dangling, body right angled, begin to gather chi raising arms to the side with hands a distance apart to embrace and hold gathered Chi. Compress slowly at first and gradually accelerating to rapidly fanning hands around a sphere or ball of invisible Chi. Gradually return to standing position, continuing to embrace, gather and consolidate energy between your open hands. When compact, consider where you might be deficient in chi. A chakra? A sore? A pain? Location of an event? Apply chi where needed, perhaps by hugging self or bringing hands to a chakra.

Circulate Chi by extending hands to neighbors standing in a circle. Space the circle so that hands can reach, as if shaking hands, but are in fact, not touching. The left hand is palm up as receiver, the right hand is palm down as giver. Since we have gathered Chi remember the feeling. We can receive and send it. I'm singing, "From you I receive, to you I give, together we share, and from this we live" (lyrics by Natan Segal, http://www.rabbinathan.com/). The group chi enters your hand, fills, your body, and exits the other hand. Did I mention breathing? Breathe in, receiving. Hold. Breathe out sending. After awhile we reverse hands, so the left palm is down, sending energy and the right hand is up, receiving energy. We are circulating chi the other way. Focus. Feel the current. Finally we raised hands together, moving in to form a small smoke ring of chi above our hands, feeling the the good group energy. Each person could send this energy where it is needed. Sing song again.

Qigong, Chi, universal energy, prana, life force, blessings. What do I concentrate on? Balance I said. Pranayama. Hands start in prayer. Circle down to sides and then up with palms spread outward to the sides. Slight hold with palms facing above head. Then flip hands around with palms opposing. Arc them open to flow in the other direction back down to sides, circling back up to prayer position. Find your breathing in when palms together, hold. When arcing around to the sides, breathing out.

Stink bug lesson. Spread legs out to sides. Hands in prayer position. Fan hands up and out to sides breathing out. Wave hands around like feelers. Circle hands back to prayer position, breathing in what gathered by feelers.

Chant Aoum-muoA. The in-breath between each word is fast and deep. Measured breathing out during the vowels of the chant coming from your toes, your fingertips, your hair and your belly, completely allowing the original sound of all to flow through you via A-O-U-M. Breathe in. Chant backwards: M-U-O-A, holding the last sound until breath is all out. Repeat until our voices get quiet.

Fall to earth as an unborn child, knees bent, shoulders to knees, arms and hands folded back beside your legs, in fetal position. All is dark. My needs are met. I know no difference between myself and the mother, between my body and the womb. We are one. Quiet and still. Until I feel the need to live. Arms circle to out stretch above head on floor. Hands remain on floor as I raise up body from hips, reborn as a lion. Tail extends from your spine up in the air behind your head. At the end, a tuft of hair is a sensor. Feel qi gathered at the tip of your tail come surging up your spine and neck emerging in your lion's roar. Mouth opens in grimace. Eyes bulge open. Tongue extends as far as possible. Hold the roar, gradually calming down, relaxing. Repeat roar three times.

Return to standing balance. Ohh, ahh, express your self, sighing or laughing aloud perhaps. End with a group hug.

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