Mystsynthesis 1978

This 1978 drawing says "Laeh's Color Healing Energy Breathing" and "Breathe In", "Breathe Out". I learned this visualizing technique from Laeh-Maggie Garfield at a women's workshop weekend sponsored by Rosemary Gladstar, who had an herbal shop in Guerneville, California and helped found the company Traditional Medicinals. Laeh led a workshop I attended. She was a shaman on inner journeys who had studied with a Native American dream doctor, a local Pomo named Essie Parrish. In a room full of women lying down and meeting inwardly with their spirit guides, Laeh described them one by one, giving advice on the process.

She had us lie on our backs with legs bent at the knees. She described what to imagine when breathing in. See golden light entering the crown and green energy pulling up from the ground through the feet and base of spine. On breathing out mix the colors flowing out through the crown. This is how I remember it, looking at the drawing in 2013.

As I entered a mindspace of intense colors, I heard Laeh talking to other women, whose guides were human or angelic in appearance. Some were known figures such as St. Michael. When she came to me she said that spirits take human forms for recognition but they don't have to. Appearing as colored light spirits was appropriate to me. As far as I knew, Laeh had no prior knowledge of my spiritual ways, so her correct perception of my guides was endearing. It made me deeply respect her teaching.

Here are a variety of ways to see details of the original, which is 11.75 by 17.75 inches in size.

I breathe in spiritual and earth energies. I interact, combine and syntheisize new color combinations breathing out in this mystical process. The word "mystsynthesis" came to me at the moment of solstice on December 21, 2012. For more, see Mystsynthesis 2013 under Lookout.

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